I love animals since childhood. We always kept some rabbits, hens and cats. I remember our very first dog – Irish seter – called Deny. He was really devoted and I loved to go for long walks with him. When he died, in our garden was suddenly just too quiet, nobody greeted us when we came home, it was strange without him.

In two months I decided that a new member of family must fill in the emptiness. I started to look for siberian husky puppies. Siberians were always my „dream dogs“. In this time I was not aware for what is good to have a pedigree and therefore my first husky was KITY – without pedigree, nonetheless she is a great member of our family. I am very glad that she is with us and I learnt from her a lot of things and I managed her temperament. She was used to belong to a clasp and that´s why I thought she must get a friend.

My choice was the breeding kennel in Czech Republic. I loved the parents of the puppies. My female is Natasha Forjana and we call her ASHA. I am glad that I am her owner, she grew up into nice behaved and friendly female, but she is also little devil what of the position in our pack is regard- she is a chief. I started visiting dog shows with her, in 2008 she was also bonitated. Thanks her I established my own kennel called: Brilliant Devil (FCI).

Why this name for my kennel? Brilliant and devil – meant in a good way of great husky characters.

At the end of August 2011 came to us new member of our family Let’s Twist Again Sadeckie Pieszczochy called IGGY. He came to us already as 9months old boy, he has great behaviour, he loves to learn new commands, he is always shinny and not conflict-turned male, Iggy joined our pack great :o)

The aim of my kennel is to breed healthy, excellent characters husky dogs. I would like to breed not many huskies because I want to spend as much time as possible with them, enjoy every minute. I would like to thank my family for support in all what I am doing with these fantastic creatures. Big thanks that they are full – participant members of our family :o)