August 3, 2015

Already summer time is here and we come to you with an update :-)

We participated on Hersenwerk seminar- brain games for dogs- in Zilina city, it was interesting experience, something really new and we do time to time some brain games with huskies at home. Also we went through mountains with our friend Rasto (in our area- around Teplice, Dubnica, Opatova), in different times and on different ways :-)

In May, came to visit us Ralf(3yo) for a one week, huskies had a lot of fun and enjoyed every minute with him on our garden or on walks, especially the ball was the best toy for them that time :-) Than we continued with Slovakian club dog show and beside also unofficial agility competence, where I started with Kity and Asha and we had lot of fun full on race and Asha took 1x3rd place+1xDIS, Kity was 2xDIS, such clever girls :-) I can say, that we are not training agility so much as previously therefore I am proud that I remembered the race and girls went nice on 2nd start and were nice concentrated, it’s always fun for us :-)

We participated on obedience seminar in Trencin city, under great trainer Kristyna Vojkovska from Czech Rep. We learned a lot, some of these commands we knew and some of them were new, so a lot of work during this weekend, but we really enjoyed it at all :-)  Than we had on holiday for 3weeks dog of my friends, named Lery(1yo), such an active and playful dog, who very nice get into the huskies pack :-) beyond daily walks and plays was the favourite activity nutting of raspberries and eating apricots, bio products, xi. Also we were on some dog shows, Iggy finished CZ &AT champion, SK Grand Champion and fulfil conditions of INTERCHAMPION title,  he was also 1st BIS of honor class; Ashka finished SK & AT Veteran Champion, she was 3xBIS Veteran and 2xshort listed, so very proud and happy of these nice results we’ve got and I decided that for this year we have enough shows and later on you will see us on dog shows rarely :-) Please find more regarding results HERE.

18.-25.July we participated on a great obedience camp under trainer Kristyna Vojkovska, CZ- Hadinka. We had everyday trainings in the morning  & in the evening, Kity&Ashka&Iggy trained every time, commands which we knew we trained to do them better, we also learned new commands and did go through all commands from category OB beginners, but also some commands from a higher classes- we learned a LOT and met such a nice people with their nice doggies :-) Whole week was I can say PERFECT :-)

FOTO Feb-July ; FOTO obedience camp

January 6, 2015

I haven’t updated such a long time the english version of the website, so let’s do it :-)

First of all I would like to wish to all of you Happy New Year 2015 :-)

And let’s start with some of the actions where we spent a nice time with our friends and their doggies. We were hiking through the mountains on official dogtrekking action in Czech Republic called Valasske Klobouky and togheter with our friend Rasto we achieved 40km – the MID category. Rasto was walking with Kity and me with Ashka and Iggy, it was very nice event, really good organized and I was really pleased that we came to the finish well due to my stomach troubles during the trekk :-) some new experience.

We spent very nice three days on dog shows in Brno, CZ -> on European dog show, National dog show and Austria Club Show. Iggy was entered in champion class and he got all three days Excellent and on Club Show he was Excellent 1 with title CAC. It was very nice and successful weekend which we spent also with our friend Jana and her husky Ginny.

In November we tried some another action what is not so much typical, but Ashka and Iggy really liked it – Coursing: The run of pack (also for non hound breeds). Ashka and Iggy were running with pleasure and had lot of fun which is most important :-) and got 3rd place.

And at the end of the Year, on Silvester we spent the last hours of 2014 as usual – to tired the huskies and us on the tour, this time 5hours outside :-) some days after the New Year we had really good snow condition for mushing, so for the first we tried to mush huskies on own sled :-) first day I was with my cute „devils“ Kity, Ashka, Iggy and the second came also Messi (Alekei Porthos Brilliant Devil) with his owner Alena and we all had a wonderful mushing day :-) GALLERY

August 14, 2014

The summer days are at the end and we have also break from the dog shows, so we are enjoying our free time in different ways :-) Tours with our friend Rasto, also we spent nice weekend near Prague where we visited owners of our adult puppy Aramis Brilliant Devil aka Eddie - we trained on bicykel, pulled the pneumatic and trained the obedience. Also Ralf came to visit us for few days and we enjoyed the hot summer days mostly by water. GALLERY

We participated on agility race which was orginized by KK Zetor Brno (called Agility Zetor Cup). Kity and Ashka were just perfect, they saw the obstacles after longer time and were running through them so nice and with pleasure, so we enjoyed the runs together :-) Kity took one 1st place in exam LA1 from 12entered dogs, so proud of my ladies :-) You can see the videos here: Kity VIDEO; Ashka VIDEO

For the first time came to us for holiday Aramis Brilliant Devil aka Eddie and we fully enjoyed him :-) GALLERY

May 19, 2014

The new album added: GALLERY :-)

May 6, 2014

On the April 6th we attended 30th Club Dog Show in Czech, where we had a great day and Iggy got from the 58entered huskies Ex1 CAC, Best Dog and BOB – thank to the judge Dave Kallilea (GB)- we really appreciate it!

We were also on the trip/smaller hiking with Alekei Porthos Brilliant Devil aka Messi, FOTO.The Saturday we spent on Slovakian club show where Iggy and Ashka got from champion class Excellent 2, res. CAC and as usual it was very good organized show.

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