June 23, 2012

5th May was a great day in our family too. Asha gave a birth to 4 puppies, all boys. After a caesarean Asha took care about all of them. Something happened really unplanned and that is why I write this right now. Asha was copulated not only with the husky dog /daddy of the puppies/ but unfortunately once for a short moment also by 13years old dog /which was not husky/ - it happened by owner of stud dog... I believed that everything will be fine but anyway I decided to do DNA tests to be sure. I wouldn`t have consciende to sell puppy without being sure that everything is really ok. Our puppies were growing and everyone was sure that they are all huskies as they conformable to husky dog. But yesterday I got the results from tests and I was shocked – not even one matched with the main husky /daddy of the puppies/. I decided to write everything down as this situations happen even I thought this will never happen to me. I can not turn the time back, but I am happy that puppies, also Asha are healthy, beautiful, playfull and I would like to give them away to some great future owners and I want to keep in touch with them. And here are all our boys (Alcarimo alias Ralf, Ainesson, Alcarin alias Argo, Almion alias Almi :o) FOTOS

May 13, 2012

I also took part in IDS BA where I was with Kity and Iggy. With Kity I ran agility after a quiet long time. I have to say, she went good but I didn`t and we were DIS in opens but still, we got one 8th place and I was happy with it - Kity was concentrated and she was happy from all those runs. Inbetween I watched the show as Iggy was signed in to the middle class for both days. It was great that I could organise both dogs at the same time. Iggy was still out of coat, but we got two times Ex2 res CAC which was great :o)

May 5, 2012

We took part in club show in Mosovce. I went to a show just for a while. Iggy was signed in for show and bonitation. I wasnt`t that happy to take part in this show as Iggy was totaly out of coat a week before the show. But finally I said to myself we are going to train and we will see. Judge liked Iggy and he gave him Ex2 res CAC. Than we got to a bonitation where Iggy got great bonitation code, all zeros 0. I was really happy about it – Iggy is healthy dog, his eyes and joints are negative :o))

February 18, 2012

With Iggy we took part in Victory show which was held in Bratislava. We gained a title Ex1 CAJC a Junior Victory winner 2012 :o))

February 17, 2012

We thought that the winter is over because we didn`t have that much snow as you can see it on the video from dog training. Than suddenly began snowing. Dogs were so pleased and we harnessed a sledge and we walked with Ala and her dogs and also children.