February 11, 2012

We are training :o))


February 6, 2012

I did not have so much time for signing in news so let me inform you. One day Asha had some problem with her leg. I thought it is broken so we went to a vet. He did not find out anything but to make sure I wanted to let it scan. The vet noticed that she has got abces inbetween the fingers. Something must have been sticked to the leg when we were on the walk. So the infection appeared. This mostly happens in the summer. It was good that we have realized it immediately and it was not too serious yet. Asha is fit already. :o)

We took part in a dog competition in Trencin with Iggy. From the young class he got Ex1 CAJC and we achieved SR Junior Champion. I was so glad because Iggy walked on really nice even if there was not so much space. Thanks for support to our friends and also congratulation to great results with their huskies :o)

Also we took part in competition in Brno. We spent there both days. On Satureday we got Ex2 in a big competitive. Sunday I will rather not comment here, sometimes someone judges very `funny`, who was there, that knows :) On Sunday was also Kity there with me. At the end we trained compliance and I am very proud of her because she was really concentrated even if there was so much noise:)

I am adding also some mixture of fotos from whole month, also from exhibitions and walks. FOTOS

January 8, 2012

We took part in national dog exhibition in Brno. Iggy was signed in the class young. Husky dogs were classical the last ones in order so I had time for combing and relaxing, also bying some stuff for dogs. We also met some of our great friends there. And what we have got? Iggy has got nice Ex1, CAJC, BOJ, BOB and from the final competitions he got 3.BOG. I was really happy about it and looking forward to some next one.

December 10, 2011

With Kity we took part in Christmas dogman race KK Excel, category compliance and we won a very nice 3rd place. I am so happy, Kitty trained nice, the weather was also good, we met lots of friends and we chatted. It was a really nice day and also Iggy was with us there :o) FOTOS:

November 20, 2011

Both days we took part in IDS in Nitra. On Saturday Iggy won Ex1 CAJC and and on Sunday he got Ex2. I saw whole exhibition and bought some dog food. Kity and Iggy trained compliance. We had many nice experiences, dogs sleep and we are all satisfied. Looking forward for next action :o)