October 22, 2011

We took part in special dog show for northern breeds, which was held in Mošovce. For Iggy it was first show. From the class of young he took the prizegiving Ex1 CAJC. I am very proud of him :o)

September 3, 2011

Welcome to our pack Let´s Twist Again Sadeckie Pieszczochy alias "Iggy" ! :o)) Photos from the first month with us :o))

August 13, 2011

With Kitty I took part in a competition The Best Dog of Nova Dubnica. Kity showed dogdancing and she enjoyed everything there and me too. The spectators liked our appearance and Kity got big applause and from the jury she got 1st place in The Best Dog of Nova Dubnica. Asha could not take part in this competition. I believe that next year we will go all togehter :o)

August 3, 2011

So we are back from Czech Republic. This year I have decided that I will travel with my dogs and with my friend Ajuška and her dog Perla to Czech Republic for holiday. Our aim was achieving of exams ZOP and ZZO (it´s something like obedience). Friday early morning we have got off to Jevišovice. We met some great people, nature was also beautiful – the best was the water that my dogs love – there were more fishermen so I had to use dog-leads. Even if the weather was colder, it was great for training. On Sunday we took part in the first exam – ZZO. I was very nervous but the judge was very nice and my dogs were very concentrated until the very end. So Kity and Asha did it! Than we had a day off, we walked and in the evening we trained. On Tuesday we took part in the second exam and that was ZOP. The other judge looked strict but she was nice. It was warm and later sultry hot but my dogs did this exam too! I am very proud of them. We did it togehter and I believe that we will take part in more exams in the future :o) FOTOS

June 9, 2011

Kity was today on sterilization. All went good and darling is nearly all OK :o))