June 4, 2011

Today we took part in a nice action and that was Agility show for Childrens day in Chocholna. First we showed obedience of German shephards from our club KK Excel. Than it came to defense and than came us – agility ones :o)) My dogs enjoyed it, childrens were happy from them and they also had training, so it was great :o)) Asha - VIDEO

May 29, 2011

We took part in agility seminar under leadership of Adela Kruzinska on a training place in Trencin. On Saturday the weather was not nice but anyway we kept training and we learnt so much new. On Sunday the weather was too hot, so my dogs didn`t want to run because they still have winter coat. We enjoyed this weekend! FOTOS /from the walk/

May 14, 2011

So, hard weekend is over / show and race in Bratisla/ but I am satisfied and happy Kity and agility – Springdanube special LA1 – excellent 6th place, LA1-very good 7th place, LA1 – excellent 3rd place, LA1 – very good 6th place Asha and show – IDS BA – both days Ex1 - honor class. They both vere happy and enjoyed :o))

January 22, 2011

So the first action in 2011 is over. We took part in international dog show in Trencin. Our club organised there also agility show and we did our Best what we could. People had fun when watching our show. We tried to show the base of this sport.

Videos: Kity1 , Kity2 , Kity3 , Kity4 , Asha1 , Asha2

On Saturday Asha got Ex1 in honor class and we took part in final competitions but with no success. But I am still happy for what we have got! Video from circle.

January 18, 2011

We have been to Trnava for eyescopia with Asha. All tests were negative-with no finding :o))